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North American Confederation (P&W) Charter

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North American Confederation (P&W) Charter

Post by George Clooney on Wed Dec 09, 2015 9:36 am


On this the 6th of December of the year 2015, this charter for The North American Confederacy (hereafter referred to as the NAC) is presented to the membership of the NAC and to the world. As we step forward into a new era, we recognize these qualities as the backbone of our alliance: Honor, Integrity and Unity. We, the nations of the North American Confederacy, do ordain and establish this Charter and agree to abide by the rules and articles established herein from this day forth.

Article I: Membership

A. Member nations of the NAC are expected to be courteous and polite at all times, both with fellow alliance members, or foreigners, both in private, and in public channels.

B. Membership qualifications include: have an active P&W nation, not be a member of any other P&W alliance, be free of debt to other alliances, and maintain a minimum level of activity as determined by the Chairman of the Board and the Director of Internal Affairs.

C. Free Speech: The NAC maintains a Free Speech policy which permits any NAC members to voice any concerns or opinions whatsoever in the member section of our forums or in private via private message or irc query to the NAC Government.

D. Attendance Policy: All members are to log into their nation at least once 5 days, more frequently during times of crisis, such as during mobilization alerts and times of warfare.

1. Failure to log in for 7 or more days is cause for suspension of your membership rights, including military protection.

2. The exception to #1 is if you posted in the Member Attendance thread to let us know you'll be away. There is no penalty or withdrawal of protection if you have posted there.

3. Members who are frequently away without notice will have their NAC membership reviewed in a hearing per E. below and are subject to having their membership revoked.

E. No member shall be deprived of their membership in NAC without due process. Due process as defined by this charter includes the right to a hearing to present evidence both for and against a member presided over by the Chairman of the Board, with at least two members of the Board of Directors acting as a jury.

F. Resignation: Any member wishing to resign from the NAC must repay all outstanding loans given to them by the alliance in full. Failure to do this can result in Permanent Banning or more extreme measures up to and including possible military action.

Article II: Government

A. The Chairman of the Board is the top alliance official. They are responsible for all aspects of the operation of the entire alliance. They also appoint members of the Board of Directors.

B. The Board of Directors acts as department heads and oversees the completion of all tasks assigned to them by the Chairman of the Board. At times they also act as jurors, and as a check on the power of the Chairman of the Board. The members of the Board of Directors shall at minimum be as follows:

1. Director of Internal Affairs: Oversees the inner alliance policies, including minimum activity levels. Helps generate and create ways to promote alliance growth. Also maintains communication through out the alliance members and government.

2. Director of Foreign Affairs: Oversees the foreign relations for the alliance by creating embassies for the use of foreign governments and keeping contact and control of the embassies in the NAC forum. Also assists the Chairman of the Board with the creation of treaties and policies with other alliances in P&W.

3. Director of Security: Oversees all aspects of military organization, development, and preparedness within the alliance, and acts as the chief military adviser to the Chairman of the Board.

4. Director of Finance: Oversees the financial aspects of the alliance including the day-to-day operations of the alliance bank. Assists the Chairman of the Board with the creation of new economic aid and resource redistribution programs, alliance warchest and resource reserve goals, and monitors all ongoing economic programs for effectiveness.

5. Additional Directors: The Chairman of the Board may create new director positions as they deem it necessary and proper to do so.

6. All directors may appoint subordinates and manage the organization of those subordinates as they see fit.

C. The Chairman of the Board can designate one member of the Board of Directors as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The CEO acts as the temporary leader of the alliance in the event that the Chairman of the Board is unable to fufill their duties, either on a short term or a long term basis. In the event that the Chairman of the Board resigns or is removed by the Board of Directors because of a Vote of No Confidence, the CEO becomes the new Chairman of the Board. If no CEO exists when the Chairman of the Board resigns, the Board of Directors shall appoint a new Chairman of the Board from among their membership.

1. Transition of Power: To ensure a smooth transition of power within the alliance, the former Chairman of the Board will provide their full cooperation to the new Chairman of the Board, including naming them as alliance leader in game and ensuring they are properly masked. Should the former Chairman of the Board prove uncooperative in the transition, the new Chairman of the Board shall work with the Board of Directors to take control of the alliance forums, and work to establishing a new NAC AA in game.

D. Vote of No Confidence: At any time a member of the Board of Directors can call for a Vote of No Confidence on the Chairman of the Board. A 3/4 majority is required of all Board of Directors members for the Chairman of the Board to be removed from office.

E. Members of the Board of Directors serve at the pleasure of the Chairman of the Board and may be removed by the Chairman at any time, except when a Vote of No Confidence has been called.

F. Foreign Treaties: All foreign treaties must be approved by the Chairman of the Board and at least 2/3 of the Board of Directors before they go into effect. The Chairman of the Board may also direct that a vote of alliance membership be taken to affirm the Board's decision regarding a treaty before it goes into effect, particularly if the treaty involves a major commitment or foreign policy shift by NAC.

Article III: The Rules of War

A. While the NAC is committed to the maintenance of peaceful and respectful interactions with all alliances, we remain committed to defend from all aggression our members and our values, and those of our allies. Therefore, if action is called for by the principles of our foundation, we will act accordingly, and with wanton disregard for whatever losses we might incur. For while having values is critical, but so is the defense of those values as necessity dictates.

B. NAC members are to obey all commands regarding military action, including offering peace promptly when order to by a NAC government member.

C. Raiding is defined as brief wars engaged in: a) for training purposes, b) as a way to supplement income, c) to seize treasure that may be of benefit to the alliance. Raiding non-aligned nations is allowed by individual members. This includes so-called micro alliances up to 5 members that do not have a protectorate agreement or other defense pact with another alliance. Members raid "at their risk", that is to say if a member initiates a raid against a non-aligned nation, it assumes all risk for the raid, including the paying of reparations if necessary. NAC does however reserve to right to intervene both economically and militarily if it feels that a raiding member is being treated unfairly.

D. Engaging in the acts of war against alliances with more than 5 members is strictly prohibited without approval from the Director of Security or the Chairman of the Board. If you are attacked, report the attack immediately to a member of government.

E. Any NAC nation that is the subject of an attack deemed a raid, shall be defended to the utmost of the ability of the alliance, and shall be provided rebuilding aid afterward. Any end of hostilities toward a raider must be approved by either the Director of Security, Director of Foreign Affairs, and/or the Chairman of the Board, who will also pursue reparations if it is deemed appropriate for any attacks. Raiders of NAC will, at the discretion of the Director of Security or the Chairman of the Board, be subject to 5 days of war by as many nations in range as NAC can manage.

G. Use of nuclear weapons by NAC members while raiding is prohibited. Use of nuclear weapons during inter-alliance warfare and at other times must be authorized by the Chairman of the Board or their designated representative.

Article IV: Other Alliance Rules

A. Spamming: Spamming, the posting of advertisements for OOC products and services, is prohibited in NAC forums.

B. Espionage: Spying on fellow NAC member nations is prohibited. Spying on non-NAC nations is prohibited except in time of war or as authorized by a member of the Board of Directors or the Chairman of the Board.

C. Treason: Attacking another NAC nation in good standing, publishing of confidential alliance information in a public forum, or conspiring with other alliances against NAC constitutes grounds for dismissal from the alliance. Additional punishment may also be imposed at the discretion of the Chairman of the Board.

D. No ZI Rule: No nation on any alliance's ZI list shall be accepted for membership without the express written consent of the Chairman of the Board.

E. Computer Crimes: The following are considered to be computer crimes within the NAC: hacking the alliance forums for any reason, hacking the alliance in game for any reason, refusing to surrender roles and/or permissions to the alliance forums or the alliance in game in a timely fashion, editing another member's forum profile in an attempt to embarrass or demean them.  Those guilty of computer crimes are subject to punishment by the alliance government as the Director of Internal Affairs and the Chairman of the Board sees fit.

F. Limitations on Free Speech: The right to free speech as outlined in Article I does not protect speech that a reasonable person would consider: sexual or other forms of harassment; demeaning or derogatory toward one's heritage, culture, age, gender, or sexual orientation. Speech that is considered harassing, demeaning, or derogatory should be brought to the attention of the Director of Internal Affairs or the Chairman of the Board so that it can be addressed.

G. Amendments to this charter: All NAC members in good standing may propose amendments to this charter. Proposals for amendments should be submitted in writing to the Director of Internal Affairs. Any amendment proposal deemed worthy by the Chairman of the Board and at least 2/3 of the Board of Directors will be put up for a vote by the membership for a period of no less than 72 hours. A vote in the affirmative amends the charter effective immediately.
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