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The Covenant Empty The Covenant

Post by George Clooney on Mon Jun 13, 2016 9:18 am

On the behalf of the alliances of the Dutch East India Company, the United Purple Nations, the North American Confederacy, and Polaris, I present the Treaty of the Covenant.

Articles I: Non-Aggression and Intelligence Cooperation

A. Signatories to this agreement agree not to enter into military action against one another.
B. Should a dispute arise between alliances or members of the alliances in this agreement then these disputes will be resolved peacefully through private channels.
C. If information is obtained by one signatory that is damaging to the security of any other signatory they are obligated to share this information.

Article II: Military Cooperation

A. Signatories agree to defend one another in the event that one comes under attack. This includes financial, political, and military assistance to the best of the signatories’ abilities.
B. Should signatories choose to engage in offensive warfare they must inform the designated representatives of the other as early as possible and no later than 24 hours before action is taken.
C. All signatories of this treaty has the option to participate in offensive action taken by another signatory, but is not obligated to do so.
D. These designated representatives are required to maintain operational security once informed of the planned military action whether they agree to participate or not.

Article III: Burial Protection

A: In the event that either signatories disband, the other signatories will place a seventy-two hours protection over the disbanded signatory alliance to allow the other signatories alliances members to find time to move on.

Article IV: Amending The Treaty and Modification of Membership

A. Additions or removal of any signatories must be done by a unanimous vote of the other signatories.
B. This treaties contents may be modified by unanimous consent by the representatives of all signatories.
C. Any signatory must give 72 hours notice to the other signatories if they wish to withdraw from this treaty, after which their treaty obligations are no longer in effect.


A. Offensive action is here defined as The first party to have declared war upon another nation or alliance, whether it is a direct assault or declaration of intent.
B. Defensive action is here defined as when a foreign power declares war upon a nation affiliated with a signatoriy alliance, or foreign power declares the intent to do so.
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